January 4, 2012

Happy New Year to everyone.  The next meeting is Janary 16th here. 

Homework is Resolutions. 

Hope to welcome new member Joyce.

To anyone who sees this, the photo is out of date!  

Am making preliminary arrangments for a workshop day in April – exciting!


December 10, 2011

It’s a long time since I posted on here, so I’ll update for Dec.

The next meeting is at Heather’s flat in Cardigan on Monday 19th Dec.  The homework is to write a headline, and then the article or story to go with it, as if for a newspaper. 

I’ve done a short article about a couple down in the valley here who have Father Christmas and the reindeer drop by for hay and cheese sandwiches on a pit stop.  It turns out that Santa can’t stand mince pies!  

Happy Christmas and Best wishes to everyone.  

Our photo needs updating,.  It’s Heather, me and Denise on the font row.  The three men are Roy, James and Ken,  Kingley was away eht day.  Taken on my back lawn.

Next meeting…

May 19, 2011

is on Monday  20th June and we are going to Heather’s new flat in Cardigan. 

On JUne 9th some of us are going to see Roy’s play at Aberporth which should be really good. 

The homework for next time is an Obituary, which could be for anything.  I’ve done a poem about a plant. 

Next meeting

December 5, 2010

is on Monday 20th December, 10.00 here at Bryn Ffynnon.  The homework is Something Christmassy and the challenge will also be Christmassy.  Have just had the idea for that. 

Weather permitting.

our meeting

September 29, 2010

on the 20th September went well.   We welcomed two new writers, Lin and Terry and hope they will come again. 

James has the idea of compiling a poety anthology with the 52 types of poems that he has found on the internet.  We’ll see how it goes.

the next meeting is 18th October, homework is An Animal.


August 20, 2010

This is the first chance I’ve had to post since Monday.  We had a very successful workshop day.  It was a shame Denise and Simone, couldn’t come.   

David Gardiner had prepared hand-outs with ideas for improving characterisation for short stories.  We all thought of a character, some using photographs he had brought.   The idea is to get inside the head of the characters as the more you know them the more convincing they are in the story.

After our cold lunch Anne Ballard led the poetry workshop.  We disocvered the fun of writing cinquains and a triolet.

Our next homework is Mowing the Grass.   I think, for our  writing challenge next time we’ll write cinquains and triolets with the subjects that we thought up for our 3 minute talk challenge, and we didn’t do.  

The next meeting is the Mon 20th Sept .

The next meeting

June 27, 2010

is on  Monday 19th July.  The homework is The greenhouse or The Green House, however you like to think of it.

There were only 3 of us last Mondy,  James, Ken and myself but we read our homework, sorted out things and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Next meeting

June 2, 2010

is on 21st  june-.   The  homework  is Nelson or A summer fete or both.

There were just 5 of us this month but we sat outside in the sun and it was very pleasant.  We did a writing challenge.  I asked them if they could have anything what would it be?  We then liste them and included them in a short piece, about a scottish castle, a library, a boat, a set of Tolkien, and Leonard Bernstein playing Mahler in New York.

Good fun.


April 25, 2010

meeting is on Monday 17th May.  The homework is Bananas – anyway you want them !!


February 27, 2010

The next meeting is Monday, 15th MARCH  here at Bryn Ffynnon at 10.00. The homework is a letter to a newspaper, 200 – 250 wrds.  Hope all those who were poorly last time will be able to come.